What is the difference between a beam light and a moving head light?

The most important part of the beam light is the light column. A bright beam of light is the pursuit of the beam lamp; the moving head light focuses on the final result of the beam, namely the spot and the pattern. The purpose of the two lights is different, so the application has changed significantly.

The beam light is a metal halide lamp and the gobo light is a discharge bulb. The metal halide lamp used in the beam light has a very high beam efficiency and a high luminous efficiency, so that even if the power is not very high, a very bright beam can be obtained.

The moving head light is much larger than the beam light because it is illuminated by cone light.

Therefore, more occasions of the beam light are applied to explosive scenes, such as the close-up show and the close-up of the dance, and the strobe is used to make a passionate visual impact. The moving head lights are more about the art of expressing softness and sensuality. They are reminiscent of the soft and slow dance. Through the combination of different colors and gobos, a soft and beautiful scene is created to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

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