Month: June 2018

Why have fixture modes?

Modern lighting fixtures are complex, particularly ones that move and have multiple colour mixing capabilities. Add 16-bit control to many attributes and you end up with a fixture that requires over 100 channels of control to just get it working. Not everyone wants to have to deal with that many channels. Not only does it …

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How to prevent fire for large lighting system?

Events stage and lighting systems are usually temporary facilities, which need large electricity. Many electrical wires are distributed in the audience and performances area, which intersect with people, scenery, decorations and other combustible increases the risk of electrical fires in large venues. Therefore, large-scale electrical fire safety has become an important part of large fire …

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Dear customers, we will have a holiday during 16th-18th June. The Duanwu Festival, otherwise known as the Dragon Boat Festival, was established in remembrance of Qu Yuan, a ministerial scholar and patriotic poet of the state of Chu during the Warring States period (475-221 BC). Qu Yuan, who died by committing suicide in the Miluo …

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