Customized Projector lamp

With the development of the lighting market, nowadays different request have occur in the projector lamp market.

In order to assist your careers, now we promote different kinds of the projector lamps.

The replacement projector lamps:

With this kind, we manufacture the lamp and assemble them with the housing. As a factory with 21 years history, we produce the lamp with imported materials to ensure the quality.

Advantage: cheap, long-time warranty, easy to change and repair

The half-original projector lamps:

According to our clients’ feedback, they need better quality for their career, so we provide the half-original lamps. We buy the original lampwick, lamp cup and assemble by ourselves.

Advantage: stable quality

The assembled original lamps:

We ordered original bare bulb with the wholesale and assemble them with replacement housing.

Advantage: Similar as the original ones, but a little cheaper.

But not all the models can be customized, so if you have any interested models, welcome to contact us.

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