Super shock! Turkey is creating volcanic rock 3D light show

The famous Cappadocia region of Turkey was listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. The Zelvi Gorge in the region’s landforms is known as the Open Air Museum, a densely populated chimney rock eroded by volcanic rocks that is steep and massive.

Beginning in 2016, in order to create eco-tourism, the Turkish Cultural Tourism Bureau and the Istanbul Seacross Bridge lighting team have teamed up to create a natural and super-shocking 3D Mapping landscape show on this chimney rock.

The light and shadow show takes place after sunset and lasts for half an hour. Start with the geological formation of the area and reach a climax in the part of human rejuvenation.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the enthusiasm of Christians, monastic life, the Crusades, the underground city, the traces of the Seljuk dynasty and the Ottomans, and witness the development of the modern Republican regime and the Cappadocia region.

According to the rock and light design team, the entire projection performance requires 14 projectors that are about 150 meters away from the chimney rock and a control room to deliver a stunning 3D effect.

In order to synchronize text, video and animation on the basis of natural construction and its own, it is necessary to prioritize the pre-designed directory into the computer on which the computer graphics software is installed, and then the text will be projected to the natural through the projector during this process. Structurally.

Then, another projector with a higher brightness with video mapping software will project the video onto the natural structure. In this way, all irregular rock-shaped surfaces are transformed into screens.

Precise and meticulous projection images, coupled with exciting music and the unique environment of Cappadocia, give visitors an unforgettable visual journey.

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