New Stage Beam Moving Head Light 295W 14R With 6 Prisms

As we know, the 10R beam moving head light with five prisms has been very popular in the market for many years. The 10R lights are widely used at concerts, dj night club, wedding and some outdoor events. The prism effects are variable and beautiful.

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This year, we develop one new 10R model, which called 295W 14R. This new 10R uses neolux 260W lamp to ensure its brightness and lifespan. The total wattage of the lamp source can be reach to 295W, which is much brighter than the old 10R version. 

BEAM 14R 295W

The new beam light 14R 295W is equipped with 14 colors and 14 gobos. It contains UV color and 5 glass gobos. The most outstanding specification is prism effects. The light has 6 independent prisms, including 8 prism, T prism, 6+12 prism, 16 prism, T prism, 8+16+24prism, totally can combine 17 kinds of prism effects.

BEAM 14R 295R

You can see the rainbow effect is also very amazing, and for more detailed information, please contact us!

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