The Role and Type of Stage Laser Light

In order to create a novel, dreamy, and varied stage visual effect, the design requirements for stage lighting are becoming more and more intense, and the types of stage lighting are becoming more diverse. In addition to traditional stage lighting equipment such as Par light, moving head light, beam light, etc., the stage laser light has entered the field of vision with its cool and varied effects, which has won everyone’s respect and love. At present, many theaters, nightclubs, dance halls, KTV and even hotels, dance halls and gyms are equipped with stage laser lights.

The stage laser light can automatically display various laser beams, laser patterns, laser texts, etc. with the rhythm of the music. It is a new light which is used in the stage, dance hall, bar, ktv, family party… to increase the atmosphere. Stage laser lights can also do a lot of effects, such as laser beam network, laser projection, laser light time tunnel, architectural landmark laser, water curtain laser.

Type of stage laser light

Stage laser lights can be divided into: monochrome laser light, two-color/three-color/full-color laser light, starry laser light, firefly laser light, animated laser light according to color and function.

The number of laser heads can also be divided into: single-head laser light, double-head laser light, three-head / four-head / five-head / six-head laser light.

The JTL six-head laser light (or six-eye laser light) can produce a single-color laser beam. The beam color is bright, the angle is small, the laser light path is clear and sharp, and the space is strong. Six laser heads, each with a horizontal rotation of 240 degree, a vertical rotation of 90 degree, and self-propelled sound control DMX and other control methods.

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