The Advantages of UHP Bulb

UHP bulb (Philips Ultra-High Pressure mercury bulb), which is longer, generally marked 6000 hours, the longest or even nominal 12000 hours, the cumulative UHP is a patented technology invented by Philips, which will be extinguished immediately when the lamp fails, and UHP bulbs can be produced not only at the same power consumption compared to UHE bulbs Large amount of light, and can effectively inhibit the occurrence of flicker, and the appearance of more compact, less brightness attenuation, longer life.

UHP features are as follows:

1, UHP can stimulate the highest brightness

2, UHP is the most efficient system, short pitch electrodes can be applied to smaller size panels

3, UHP has the longest service life, light source life in the pre-cast applications up to 1000 to 6000 hours

4, by the ballast generated by the pulse and the interaction between the light source, can effectively stabilize the electrode to inhibit the occurrence of flicker

5, during the life, UHP has the most stable, the most perfect chromatography

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