The 39th edition of the LDI Exhibition

LDI 2023 is the 39th edition of the LDI Exhibition and will be held from December 3 to 5, 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. LDI Exhibition is the world’s leading live entertainment, design and technology exhibition, attracting thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world each year.

The theme of LDI 2023 is “Connecting the Future” and the exhibition will showcase the latest live entertainment technologies and trends. The show will cover a range of areas including lighting, sound, video, special effects, stage, trusses, cranes, automation, software and soft furnishings.

Highlights from LDI 2023 include:

Over 1,000 exhibitors
100+ education and training events
Live performances and demonstrations
LDI 2023 is the live entertainment industry’s annual event and a great opportunity to learn about the latest technology and trends.

Here are some trends to watch out for at LDI 2023:

Sustainability: As audiences become more concerned about sustainability issues, the live entertainment industry is also beginning to pay more attention to sustainability. LDI 2023 will feature a series of events exploring how sustainability can be achieved in live entertainment.
Digital: Digital is changing every aspect of the live entertainment industry, from ticketing and marketing to production and experiences. LDI 2023 will showcase how the latest digital technologies are used in live entertainment.
Immersive experience: Immersive experience is becoming a trend in the live entertainment industry, providing audiences with an immersive experience. LDI 2023 will showcase how the latest immersive technologies can be used in live entertainment.
LDI 2023 will provide the live entertainment industry with a platform for networking, learning and innovation.

For Chinese companies, this year’s LDI Show is the first exhibition held in the United States after the COVID-19 control was lifted. Chinese companies are very enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition. There are less than three months until the opening of the exhibition, and Joyfirst Lighting is already actively promoting the progress of participating in the exhibition.

Joyfirst Lighting, lighting up the future of live entertainment.

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