New Business of Civil Protective Equipment

This year 2020 is really a tough year to us stage equipment business because of coronavirus disease. Most of clubs, cinemas,hotels and other entertainment places are still closed, and many large gathering events are canclled. We have less and less orders of stage lamps and lightings.

My boss and us start to produce face masks like KN95, disposible masks. We have mask production machine line and raw materials and produce by our own factory. So do not worry  whether we are factory or not. Of course we are!

We developed the new product ultraviolet germicidal lamp especailly to sterilization. It can protect your family and friends from indoor virus and bacterial. When you close to the lamp, it will turn off. I think every house needs to 1 pc germicidal lamp since this coronavirus disease.

By the way, we can also provide alcohol hand sanitizer. 

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