Mini 7R 230W Moving Head with Rainbow Effect

Beam moving head 7R light is one of the most popular stage lights is the past few years. The cost performance is high and beam effect is not bad, so 7R 230W is widely used in many occasions like concert, dj club, wedding, KTV and so on.

But there is a problem that the size of 7R is a little big and not easy to carry on. The mini 7R will be mass production in 2020, the product size is 235×316.8x519mm and only weighs 12.5kg. It has 12 fixed gobos + 3 glass gobos + blank, 14 colors, with rainbow effect  and one 8+16+24 facet prism. The effects and specifications are almost the same as normal edition 7R, but the price is cheaper and the size is smaller. 

It’s a new and better choice when choosing mini size stage lights.

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