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How to Choose Suitable Stage Lighting Fixtures

We must first understand the construction and main accessories of the stage lighting that we need.

 (1) The structure of the stage lighting mainly includes the following major parts: power supply, main board, lamp bead, lens, fan, radiator, chassis casing, wire and so on. We should not only look at the appearance, but also pay attention to the configuration.

 (2) Power supply: Look at the size of the power supply. The marked power can be used as a reference. The power supply should be larger than the actual power, so as to better ensure the stability of the lamp.

  (3) Lamp bead (bulb): The light should be bright, the brightness of the light is related to two factors, one is the light source. The second is lens coating. Lamps (bulbs) of different brands and models are different, and the color mixing effect and service life are also relatively large. For poor quality lamps, the color mixing effect is worse, the light decays faster, and the service life is shorter, so be sure to choose a good quality lamp (light bulb).

  (4) Lens: different lamps of the lamp lens are equipped with different lenses, which help to improve the light-emitting efficiency of the lamp. 

These accessory configurations determine the quality of the lamp. The price of stage lights is different. When you choose to buy products, don’t blindly pursue cheap products. Of course, don’t blindly buy products with very high prices. 

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