Function and Parameters of LED Panel Lights

The multi-purpose hall and auditorium are used to hold various conferences, academic discussions, lectures, reports, press releases, product displays, multimedia teaching and training, watching movies, holding small and medium-sized cultural performances, dance parties and other activities. The multifunctional hall of the auditorium has relatively high requirements for light brightness. The lighting equipment needs to meet the daily meeting lighting requirements, and it needs to cooperate with the requirements of high-definition shooting and on-site recording. In general hall multifunctional halls, LED flat soft lights are often used as meeting lighting fixtures.

The role of LED panel lights

The LED flat light emits soft light, which is a light source in the form of scattering. When the light directly shines on the light-bearing plane, the edges of the light spot are soft, and the light inside and outside transition evenly. When soft light hits a person, the light is uniform and soft, which can effectively eliminate facial shadows and blackening, which is very suitable for the lighting of conference hall multifunctional hall reports.

JTL LED flat panel soft light uses LED patch array. Compared with traditional light sources, the light source is more stable, brighter and more uniform. The LED flat panel soft light has a fine appearance and uses heat dissipation materials to reduce heat damage to the lamp. The color rendering index is as high as 95 or more, the light color is consistent, and the color rendering of the image is highly restored, thereby ensuring the realism of people’s shooting.

JTL LED panel light has a variety of dual color temperature and monochrome temperature lamps, dual color temperature LED panel light color temperature 3200K-5600K adjustable, to meet the needs of conference lighting and stage performances.

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