Brand New UV Sterilizer Germicidal UVC Light for Home Office

We know so many bacteria, germs and virus around us outside. It’s necessary to care about our health especially in this special time. A lot of researchs prove that UVC light can kill virus effectively. We want to introduce the new product uvc sterilizer lamp for you. 

Button Function

Power Button: The button turns into red if the Child Lock is on, and the light cannot be operated. When the Power Button turns into green, the light is ready to function. During sterilization, Pressing Power button can turn off the light with Child Lock on or not.

Time Button (30 minutes/ 60minutes): With three options: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. Select sterilization time and the indicator turns into green. When the two time buttons are all green, it means the sterilization time is 90 minutes.

Child Lock Button: The button turns into green when the Child Lock is on. Fast press the button three times to unlock before powering on the light. The indicator turns off after unlocked

Sterilization Steps

1. Connect to plug supply and Child Lock is on. Power Button turns into red.

2. Fast press Child Lock button three times to unlock and indicator turns off.

3. Power Button turns green after unlocking. Then select sterilization time

4. Choose different sterilization time (30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes) and indicator light turns into green. The light enters the startup state.

5. Entering startup state, buzzer rings slowly indicating people leaving. 15 seconds later, buzzer rings quickly. About 5 seconds later, light turns on to sterilize.

6. When the light’s on, sensing radar starts working. The maximum sensing rage is about 5m according to environment. If detecting any living object, light turns off automatically and sends warning.Waiting 20 seconds to re-start (exclusive of working time). Accumulating 5 times of living object during sterilization, the light stops working.

Light turns off automatically when the setting time runs out and gives out warning 1 second to notify. The whole sterilization process completes


1. Intelligent sensing radar range: maximum distance 5m according to environment

2. Light turns off automatically when detecting people during sterilization, and buzzer warns. Buzzer stops after 20 seconds when people leave and intelligent sensing radar detects for about 20 seconds. Light re-starts when no living object around (cumulative timing of sterilization working time).

3. Accumulating 5 times of living object during sterilization, the light stops working and Child Lock indicator turns on.

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