2020 New Stage Lighting Products

After 2 months market research, take the requirements of our customers into account, we plan to produce new stage lights during year 2020.

I will give a short introduction as following:

Mini 7R moving head: The size is only half of the normal size 7R 230W. It has 11 colors plus open and 16 static gogos plus open. One 8+16 prism is available.

Two types of 280W 10R moving head: One is with 2 prisms, and the prcie is the same with normal size 7R; The other is with 6 prisms.

Two types of 450W 20R movign head: One is with 6 prisms; The other is beam wash and spot 3 in 1.

LED 150W 3 in 1 and LED 250W 3 in 1 moving head lights are available to choose.

LED wash moving head: We provide three main models, new 7x40W, 12x40W and 19x25W, which are all using OSRAM leds.

LED battery par light: 4x10W, 12x10W,7x15W, 18x15W par lights, which are all IP65 standard. It can be 4in1, 5in1 and 6in1 type.

Many other stage lights are still testing now, will be mass production from next month 2020.

We also wish you merry Christmas.

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