1200pcs RGBW led flat panel par light

1. Optical light source using 1200 pcs Osram LEDs. Color Mixture by RED, GREEN, BLUE AND WARM WHITE. With high luminous efficiency and excellent heat radiator. The life of the LED can last more than 100,000 hours. And the luminous decay are low, less than 16%.2. The radiator system is made of high efficiency, low noise and special designed according to the structure and heat-sink characters of the light, which is lower than 20dB.3. The light’s constructional design is very unique, available to connect multi units with each others, the front barndoor changeable as well as the frost filter.4. The software is designed by one of the top engineer of the industry.16BIT smooth flicker-free dimming, and dimming frequency is higher than 20K.5. The light is of very nice beam effect, high eficiency, no shadow. Color termperature tuneable from 2700K to 10000k with high CRI, CRI≥93, TLCI≥93. Can display variety color by color mixture by RED, GREEN, BLUE and Warm White with DMX or Manual control.6. When multi units diming light or tuning CCT synchronized, their CCT and CRI keep same. Even when the multi units in different self temperature, they dimming or tuning CCT synchronized, their CCT and CRI keep same.

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