Beam & Spot Moving Head Lights

Beam Lights, Moving Head Lights, Sharpy Light, Beam Wash Spot Lights, E.g: 14R 295W, 7R Plus, They are Beam Moving Head Lights, They are often used in performances, theaters, DJs, clubs, exhibitions, lecture halls, auditoriums, etc.

14R 295W Beam Moving Head Light

Lamp: Roccer 14R 295W Channel mode:18 DMX512 Channel Amazing dot matrix, four tact switch, 180° turning show Color wheel: 14colors + white, and seven color effect Gobowheel: 14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white) Effect Wheel: 6 independent prisms,8 prism/T prism/6+12 prism/16 prism/T prism/8+16+24prism,Can combine 17 kinds of prism effects

beam 230w

New Two Prisms Beam 10R 260W Stage Moving Head

Color wheel : 14 colors + white Gobo wheel: 5 glass gobos+ 9 fixed gobos Prism: an 8 facet prism and an 8 + 16 facet prism , both can be rotated Special effect : rainbow effect and frost effect

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