New Two Prisms Beam 10R 260W Stage Moving Head

Model No: JT-R260B

Color wheel : 14 colors + white

Gobo wheel: 5 glass gobos+ 9 fixed gobos

Prism: an 8 facet prism and an 8 + 16 facet prism , both can be rotated

Special effect : rainbow effect and frost effect

Lamp Source

Roccer Platinum 230W(JT-R230B)

Roccer Platinum 250W(JT-R250B)
Osram lamp burner 240W(JT-R260B)
Osram lamp burner 260W(JT-R280B)
Power Input
100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Dissipation
Channel mode
18 DMX512 Channel
Pan scan
540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt scan
270° (16bit) Electric correction
Color wheel
14 colors + white, and seven color effect
Gobo wheel
14 gobos(8 fixed gobos + 5 glass gobos + white)
Effect Wheel
8 prism/8+16prism
0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming available
Strobe macro control available
Beam angle
IP level
Product Size
Net weight
Packing Size
535X375X405mm(carton size)
Gross weight
15KG(carton size)
Packing Size
660X440X680mm(flight case size)
Gross weight
47.5KG(flight case size)

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