380 3in1 Plus CMY Beam Wash Moving Head Light

Model No: JT-R380BSW

Lamp: Philips MSD Silver 380W/2 LL

3color wheels  12colors+ OpenWhite (Including: CTO 3500K & UV)

Full CMY Color Mixing




Light Source
Bulb Specification  Philips MSD Silver 380W/2 LL
Color temperature  7800K
Rated life  4000 hours
3color wheels 12colors+ OpenWhite (Including  CTO 3500K & UV)
Full CMY Color Mixing
GOBO Wheel 1  10Fixed + Open (1 Beam Reducers Beam Mode)
GOBO Wheel 2  7Rotating/Replaceable + Open (Size:15.9mm; Viewable: 11.5mm)
Modular design for easy servicing and GOBO replacement
Prism  1 8 prism,1 16 prism can be quickly cut in, cut out. It can be rotated in two directions with variable speed Two prisms can be stacked
Atomization  1 single-sided high-transmission atomized lens
focusing  DMX linear focus
Strobe Independent dual-chip. 0-15 times/second ultra-high-speed strobe. 0-100% linear dimming
Dimming  Linear Dimming
Zoom Range  2 ~ 45-degrees
Rotation angle  540° in the horizontal direction, 270° in the vertical direction, with automatic return function
Control Channels  21, 24 or 26
DMX Modes  2, RDM (Remote Device Management)
Control  3-pin
Full color display menu
Pan/Tilt Speed  Fast to Slow
Input voltage  110V~240V AC, 50/60Hz(Auto Sensing)
Daisy chain max  3 fixtures (@120V); 5 fixtures (@230V)
Power Draw  500W (4.71A @ 120V; 2.26A @ 220V)
cooling system
Equipped with 9 cooling fans. After the bubble is eliminated for one minute, the fan will enter the silent cooling mode
Other functions
Display lamp, bulb usage time. Remote control bulb switch function,Fault detection reminder, manual lock screen.
Shell and protection grade
Aluminum, high temperature/UV resistant engineering plastic, protection grade IP20
Dimensions (LxWxH)  14.8” x 11.6” x 23.5” / 382 x 299 x 603mm
Weight  45 lbs. / 20.5 kg.
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