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What is the color temperature of stage lighting equipment?


What is the color temperature? Color temperature is a unit of measure that expresses the color components contained in light. Theoretically, the color temperature refers to the color that the absolute black body appears after it is heated from absolute zero (-273 ° C). Black body after heating. Gradually change from black to red, turn […]

Discount of beam moving head lights


We are now all back to work and recover production. There are some lights in stock, such as 230W 7R moving head light and 350W 17R beam spot wash 3in1. 230W 7R moving head light. The price is around USD180-250, for all three different versions. The prcie is lowest at this time. These 7R are […]

Three systems and working principles of stage beam lights


Stage beam light is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. A qualified beam light must be stable and reliable, with excellent light efficiency, accurate positioning and good heat dissipation. The light body and material structure meet the requirements of ergonomics. In summary, the stage moving head light is composed of three major systems: […]

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