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How Do Hotel Halls Create Artistic Stage Lighting Effects?


How can we create a better stage lighting effect in a hotel hall? The important point is to have a reasonable design plan and choose the right stage lighting equipment. The cob light and the top light should be complementary, the color temperature should be uniform, the color rendering index should be high, and the […]

Function and Parameters of LED Panel Lights


The multi-purpose hall and auditorium are used to hold various conferences, academic discussions, lectures, reports, press releases, product displays, multimedia teaching and training, watching movies, holding small and medium-sized cultural performances, dance parties and other activities. The multifunctional hall of the auditorium has relatively high requirements for light brightness. The lighting equipment needs to meet […]

Lighting Project of Qingdao Rainbow Bar


The Qingdao Rainbow Bar is large in size and is divided into two floors, upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs is the bar and service area and the public dance floor. Upstairs is the scattered platform and deck area. The lighting design needs to take into account the various service areas of the bar. After learning with […]

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