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New Product Atomization Disinfection Smoke Fog Spray Machine


Stylish and Efficient Function Fog Machine can produce dry disinfection mist to disinfect and purify the air, eliminate odor and improve the air environment. Give you the healthy and fresh air.  Portable and Durable Design  Hand-held smoke machine is suitable for rapid disinfection and air purification of small places, vehicles, home party, wedding, office. Good […]

New Product Disinfection Blue Light Nano Steam Gun Machine


Comprehensive Functions The fog machine produces dry mist to purify the public smell of smoke, remove indoor pet odor and the smell in car, improve the air environment. Give you the healthy and fresh air. Fast delivery about 10 days after payment. High Quality Material High end spray nozzle with blue light, fast fogging, large […]

Waterproof BEAM 470 (IP65) Moving Head Light


IP65 waterproof moving head beam light Panasonic 470W bulb, high brightness and strong stability; DMX / RDM control, high temperature resistance, anti-aging. As more and more moving head lights are required to be used in more extreme applications such as humidity and high salinity, Joyfirst has launched one kind moving head beam with waterproof rating of IP65. […]

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