Principles of Use of Stage Lighting

The modern technology of stage lighting is always amazing. Different stage lighting brings a different visual experience to the stage. Nowadays, the application of lighting is very extensive. Using stage lighting equipment and technical means to display the environment with light color and its changes, to render the atmosphere, and to highlight the central figure, we can create a sense of stage space and time, and shape the external image of the stage performance.

1. Strength (refers to the brightness of the light): There must be enough light to allow the viewer to see the color, appearance and details.

2, distribution: including the distribution of the use of the light and the direction of of the stage, the main body must be different from the supporting role and the background using a significantly different color or brightness. 

3, color: rely on color paper, computer coloring, etc. to meet the needs. 

4. Change: According to the actual situation, the color, brightness and motion track of the light are transformed. In the specific use of stage lighting, before reducing a certain light source, it should be prepared to enhance the next light source. In addition to the special needs of the plot, try to avoid black sounds, so as not to affect the work of the cast members.

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