380W prism king super beam moving head stage lighting

Model No:


Power supply:AC110-240V/50-60Hz

Power consumption:500W

Lamp power:380W

Ballast:Electronic ballast

Beam angle:2°

Lens Diameter:170mm


Prism1: 16 facet Prism,6 linear prism,(6+12)prism

prism2: 32facet prism,6 linear prism,(8+16+24)prism

Can combine 17 kinds of dynamic prism effect , can combine six-color prism effect

Gobo: 10 fixed gobo +3 glass gobo+ white

Dimmer : 0-100% linear dimmer

Six color water-flow effect

Strobe:0.5-14 times/sec,Multiple strobe effects

Pan: 540°, 8Bit/16Bit

Tilt: 270°, 8Bit/16Bit

IP: IP20

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