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Business trip to South America and SOUND CHECK EXPO in Mexico City

By jtl-01 | 03/13/2018

We will start our business trip to South America in April as planned,from the far away Chile to Argentina,to Peru, to Ecuador, and then finally go to Mexico city to attend the exhibition SOUND CHECK EXPO. Why we choose South America in the New Year 2018? Because as all know,South America is so far from […]

We will join the Messe frankfurt prolight and sound (10-13th April)

By jtl-01 | 03/07/2018

We will join the Messe frankfurt prolight and sound (10-13th April),our booth number is :5.0D10A. Warmly welcome u come to visit our booth. IN THE FAIR,WE WILL DISPLAY ONE KINDS LED STAGEGE LIGHTING COPY ROBE SPIKIE . SPIKIE LED60W LIHGTING LIGHT SOURCE:60W RGBW LED LIGHT OUTPUT:920 lm, 9.270 lx @ 5 m ZOOM RANGE:4°–28° EFFECTS:Flower […]

Stage lights —-three primary colors and Color matching method

By jtl-01 | 02/26/2018

Red, green, blue are called primary colors. These three colors are mixed in different proportions to produce a variety of colors. There are two basic methods of color mixing: additive color mixing and subtractive color mixing. Additive color mixing is when different colors of light mixed, they put their share in the spectrum together, resulting […]

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