JoyFirst News

How to Choose Stage LED Screen


When the LED display on the stage is used as the background of the performance, it is hoped that it will integrate with the performance of the actors on the stage with its gorgeous and soft picture, and bring a beautiful visual experience to the audience; when the LED display on the stage is used […]

All-media Studio Lighting and Design


With the rapid development of studio technology and continuous innovation of TV programs, all-media interactive panoramic studios (hereinafter referred to as “all-media studios”) have gradually become the mainstream and become an important form of studio development. Different from traditional studios, the omni-media studio is a studio program production and management model developed from multiple single […]

National Holiday from 1st to 8th October


The Super September is going to the end, we received many inquiries from new and old customers. We will soon have a 8 days National holiday from 1st -8 th October. Our traditional Mid-Autumn festival is on 2nd October coincidentally. So we have a special 8 days holiday, usually it’s 7 days. We will be always pleased […]

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