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The Role and Type of Stage Laser Light

By jtl-01 | 10/12/2019

In order to create a novel, dreamy, and varied stage visual effect, the design requirements for stage lighting are becoming more and more intense, and the types of stage lighting are becoming more diverse. In addition to traditional stage lighting equipment such as Par light, moving head light, beam light, etc., the stage laser light […]

Holiday Notice of National Day

By jtl-01 | 09/27/2019

The SUPERSEPTEMBER festival will be over soon, many customers placed order during this month. We are now preparing all the lights and lamps one by one. To us, the big holiday Chinese Natinal Holiday is coming. This year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. Our office will be closed during […]

Three Editions of 230W 7R Beam Moving Head Lights

By jtl-01 | 09/20/2019

The 230W 7R beam lights are most used in many occasions, such as concerts, outdoor events, theatres, night clubs, pubs and other places. It seems very classic on stages and still will be popular in the future. But the price of 230W 7R is very different in the market, from USD200 to USD300. We also […]

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