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What Are The Power Amplifier Functions of Professional Audio Mixer?

By jtl-01 | 09/18/2020

There are differences in the number of input channels (for example, the channels such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 24, etc.), the number of panel function keys, and the output instructions of the mixer, and even some tuning The station also has a power amplifier function. What are the main functions?  1.Signal amplification The function […]

Brand New UV Sterilizer Germicidal UVC Light for Home Office

By jtl-01 | 09/04/2020

We know so many bacteria, germs and virus around us outside. It’s necessary to care about our health especially in this special time. A lot of researchs prove that UVC light can kill virus effectively. We want to introduce the new product uvc sterilizer lamp for you.  Button Function Power Button: The button turns into red if […]

Best Choice for Large Stage, Joyfirst 450W Prism King

By jtl-01 | 08/03/2020

JT-R450B Prism King is a newly upgraded moving head beam light, with a new design patent of Joyfirst, integration of the lamp source and logo, stylish and novel appearance, which meets the modern aesthetic needs. 1. Strong beam without virtual light The light source adopts Roccer 450W platinum bulb, with super large-aperture high-definition front group optical […]

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