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Matters Needing Attention of Using UV-C Table Lamp

By jtl-01 | 11/26/2020

The UV-C table lamp for disinfection can effectively deactivate viruses, bacteria and molds in a matter of minutes. All bacteria and viruses tested responded to UV-C disinfection. In laboratory tests, UV-C light sources effectively deactivated the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the surface with an exposure time of several seconds. As we know that exposure to UV-C can […]

How to Choose Stage LED Screen

By jtl-01 | 10/23/2020

When the LED display on the stage is used as the background of the performance, it is hoped that it will integrate with the performance of the actors on the stage with its gorgeous and soft picture, and bring a beautiful visual experience to the audience; when the LED display on the stage is used […]

All-media Studio Lighting and Design

By jtl-01 | 10/10/2020

With the rapid development of studio technology and continuous innovation of TV programs, all-media interactive panoramic studios (hereinafter referred to as “all-media studios”) have gradually become the mainstream and become an important form of studio development. Different from traditional studios, the omni-media studio is a studio program production and management model developed from multiple single […]

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